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Natural Gas distribution products.

Rotary Meter

Compact exchangeable aluminium cartridge allows local repair and on-site cleaning. The robust design of the casing and the cartridge make the meter less sensitive to installation stresses caused by the connecting piping. 

Turbine Gas Meter

The turbine gas meter is an extremely accurate flow meter suitable for various types of gas at operating pressures.

Calibration Test Bench

Every test bench which we supply has been installed and calibrated with the Calibration Centre Software. This easy-to-operate software has evolved over the last 10 years into a highly efficient and state of the art operating system. Combining high performance hardware and accurately calibrated sensors, very low uncertainties can be achieved, resulting in the perfect calibration equipment for your flow meters

Ultrasonic Meter

The metering system can be accessed remotely on any PC or even mobile phone. User-friendly screens have been developed to enable quick and easy monitoring of the system. Hourly, daily and weekly averages of diagnostics can be compared to known good conditions, to enable early detection of possible drift or indication of potential problems.

Flow Computer

It can operate on a number of levels from a supervisory machine to a standalone flow computer or as a system component. With its touch screen, VGA display and extensive processing capabilities, combined with simple to use controls and unique operating software it can function as a complete station supervisor integrated into a flow computer housing.

Diaphragm Gas Meter

The Diaphragm gas meter is available in sizes G1.6, G2.5, G4, G6 and up to G65. The meter is characterized by precise measurements, a constant measuring stability, a long life and high reliability. Thanks to the use of high-grade materials, the diaphragm gas meter is resistant to corrosion.

Pre-paid Gas Meter

According to MID & ATEX standards.

Natural Gas Meter Governor
Natural Gas Cooker Hose
Gas meter Anaconda
Natural Gas Meter Kit
Ball Valve
Volume corrector
ASME Carbon Steel Seamless Tube
Malleable iron pipe fittings
Insulation Kit
Compression Brass Fittings