We started our journey in 2007 with a vision to become a leading provider of gas solutions & products in Egypt. Since then, we have invested in innovation and technology to develop our gas assortment and meet the needs of our customers. We have supplied natural gas materials for the construction of gas networks for both private and public oil and gas companies in the Egyptian market for more than 16 years.

Since our inception in 2007, Power Gas has forged a legacy of excellence in the gas sector. In our formative years, we introduced one of the market’s most successful residential meter governors, swiftly securing a commanding fair market share through unparalleled quality and dedicated after-sales service. Building on this success, from 2012 to 2017, we expanded our portfolio by importing turbine flow meters and rotary meters, emerging as the leading provider with nearly half the market penetrations in Egypt.

The years 2017 to 2022 marked a significant milestone for Power Gas as we disrupted the market with our exceptional quality and competitive pricing, capturing an impressive high share of the domestic & commercial mechanical diaphragm meter market. In 2022 and 2023, our commitment to innovation reached new heights as we supplied Egypt Gas with the region’s first test bench, revolutionizing flow meter calibration capabilities and solidifying our status as a game-changer in the industry. Simultaneously, our relentless pursuit of excellence propelled us to secure a huge share of the market share for brass ball valves, establishing Power Gas as the market leader in various valve sizes within a mere two years. 

In 2023, we expanded our scope of work to include ultrasonic meters, flow computers, as well as natural gas flexible pipes and hoses. Additionally, we added ASME Pipes, insulation kits, and electronic volume correctors (EVC) to our portfolio of products.

In early 2024, we further enriched our portfolio by including natural gas meter kits. By the mid of this year, we plan to introduce pre-paid smart gas meters.”


We aim to establish ourselves as the market leader in our current portfolio of products and services within the Egyptian market, including gas metering and regulation. Furthermore, we aspire to set an example by pioneering the acquisition of future products.


Our vision is to provide all necessary materials and products for natural gas distribution networks and gas utilization across domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors, utilizing the latest technologies and innovations in the field.

The best design and functions combined together

We started importing turbine flow meters, and rotary meters to become the market leader of the turbine flow meters in the Egyptian market.